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Maine Root Hand Crafted Beverages

Frequently, our guests ask us about our beverage partner and why we chose to serve Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages at Cravin'. The answer is simple…QUALITY and TASTE. Maine Root is a fair-trade certified organically sweetened beverage that was founded on the principle of providing the best quality and environmentally responsible beverage possible.

Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages uses a Fair Trade Certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice-made by passing the whole sugar cane through a set of rollers then drying the extract into crystals. This means no extra processing, no additives and since it is organic it is better for you, better for the farmers and better for our Earth.

What is Fair Trade Certified?
It is a model of sustainable, ethical trade that puts people and the planet first. By choosing to support Fair Trade Certified products, you are making a conscious choice for a better world by supporting responsible companies, empowering farmers and workers and protecting our environment.

At CRAVIN’ Food Done Right we proudly serve eight delicious Maine Root flavors which include: Mexicane Cola, Diet Mexicane Cola, Lemon-lime, Lemonade, Ginger Brew, Orange, Black-cherry and Blueberry.